Private Pilot License Course in Mumbai and Pune

Becoming a Pilot is a dream of many some want to make their career and some want to pursue it as a Hobby. PPL (Private Pilot License) permits a person to fly and handle an aircraft privately. A PPL holder is not paid. PPL Course provides foundational knowledge 

Of Flying. Requirements for obtaining a PPL vary based on the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO), differing from country to country. Private pilot courses, offered in aviation institutes/schools across India, have a shorter duration compared to Commercial Pilot courses (CPL). 

The PPL curriculum includes comprehensive topics such as Flight Fundamentals, Check Ride Preparation, Traffic Patterns, Introduction to Aviation, Emergency Procedures, and more.

Key Highlights:-

  1. With a PPL, individuals have the freedom to enjoy flying independently.
  2. This short-term course necessitates 40 hours of flight time to acquire the license.
  3.  The minimum eligibility criteria is to be a 10th standard pass out and a minimum age of 17 years.
  4. Upon completion, this course opens doors for progression into CPL & ATPL programs for further advancement in aviation.
Essential Criteria for Enrolling in Private Pilot License Training:-

The Course is divided into 2 parts:-

  • Ground Classes
  • Flying

1. Ground Classes

To obtain a PPL License, clearing the DGCA PPL exams is a prerequisite. These exams, conducted every three months by the DGCA, offer candidates up to four attempts within a year.

Candidates are required to prepare and excel in the following subjects:

  • Air Regulations
  • Air Navigation
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Aircraft and Engines

Mastery of these subjects is crucial for successfully acquiring the Private Pilot License through the DGCA examinations.

2. Flight Training: 

Course Duration: 4-5 months (40 Hours)

At ALPS (Airline Prep School) our team will help you out in choosing the right Flying School. We also have some tie-ups in India and Abroad which will help the candidate to select the right school.

Upon successfully passing all relevant theoretical examinations and fulfilling the flight training requirements, you’ll need to undergo practical flying skill assessments administered by a DGCA-appointed examiner. These assessments are designed to showcase and validate your proficiency in flying abilities.

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