Wondering how to ace the CASS Selection Process?

Airline Prep School (ALPS) provides expert training to help students successfully clear the CASS Selection Process. Once you’ve cleared the written exam, take the next step of preparation with ALPS where our highly experienced in-house Psychologist will equip you with the professional tools to crack every round of the CASS induction process.

We have a comprehensive CASS preparatory package comprising of:

Psychometric Test

All selection methods seek to bring together evidence that you have the abilities and qualities to be successful on the job. However, airlines today are mandated to check one’s Personality traits by the means of Psychometry Testing. Psychometric tests measure whether you have the specific abilities, personal qualities, human behavior/tendencies in relation to the job specification.

Five-Screen Flying Skill

The five-screen flying is a general assessment of candidate’s personality & their multi-tasking skills. Our CASS set-up is a replica of the actual CASS assessment. Students are assessed on various parameters such as their prioritization, memory, attention, decision-making, verbal & physical communication, psycho-motor capacity, & the basic flying skills in a stressful environment.

Group Activity

The process of group activity takes into account a candidate’s decision-making skills, judgment, teamwork & their reactions under time constraints. Our group activities are tailor-made for students according to the specific vacancy; ranging from the Cadet Pilot Program to CPL Holders to 320 Rated students.

Interview Preparation

The interview process is driven by one principal goal: To weed out any potentially “unsafe hires.” They want to eliminate anyone & everyone who might end up costing the company more money, cause legal issues, not be a good cultural fit, or in any other way cause the company some type of embarrassment &/or inconvenience.

How ALPS help Students?

Our Psychologist also provides a one-on-one evaluation of student’s performance, provides feedback for improvement & gives a complete debrief.

Our highly experienced Psychologist will guide you to tackle even the trickiest of questions & be mindful of your non-verbal language as well.

"Curious about mastering the CASS Selection Process? Discover the keys to success and excellence in this rigorous selection journey."

"After conquering the written exam, propel your preparation to the next level with ALPS. Our dedicated in-house Psychologist stands ready to equip you with the essential skills for success in every aspect of the CASS induction process."

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