A320 Fixed Base Simulator

An A320 simulator, often referred to as an Airbus A320 flight simulator, is a sophisticated training device used to train pilots for the Airbus A320 family of commercial aircraft. These simulators are an integral part of pilot training programs and are essential for helping pilots develop and maintain their skills without the need to use an actual aircraft.

ALPS (Airline Prep School) is the best Pilot Training institute located in Mumbai and Pune. One of the standout features that sets ALPS apart is its state-of-the-art Inhouse A320 Fixed Base Simulator. This cutting-edge facility plays a pivotal role in providing aspiring pilots with an immersive and highly realistic training experience.

At ALPS we have a Fixed-Base Simulator

Fixed-Base Simulator: These are non-motion simulators that replicate the cockpit of the A320 but do not provide motion. They are used for procedures training and instrument training.

The course curriculum for the A320 Fixed Base Simulator Course will be spread over 12 hours of SIM time which will include

Uncover the secrets of Airbus aircraft and their unique operational philosophy, setting the stage for your exploration of cutting-edge aviation technology.
Learn the essential Standard Operating Procedures that underpin safe and efficient flight operations. SOP is the backbone of aviation professionalism.
Master the art of utilizing a normal checklist, ensuring precision and safety at every stage of your flight.
Immerse yourself in the exhilaration of starting engines and executing flawless takeoffs, laying the foundation for your piloting skills.
Navigate the skies with confidence as you develop skills in radial tracking and interception, vital for precise and efficient navigation.
Learn the intricacies of entering and managing holding patterns, a critical skill for pilots when air traffic control requires delays.
Acquire the knowledge and composure to handle various in-flight emergencies, and become proficient in interpreting Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring (ECAM) messages.
Perfect your approach and landing skills with the Instrument Landing System (ILS), ensuring a safe and precise touchdown.
Expand your capabilities by mastering VOR (VHF Omnidirectional Range) approaches, adding versatility to your piloting skills.
Practice landings under various conditions, refining your ability to perform smooth and controlled landings.
Equip yourself for critical situations by memorizing key actions for the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS), Wind Shear, Loss of Braking, and more.
Learn the art of stall recovery, a fundamental skill for pilot safety and control.
Navigate and control the aircraft with precision when operating with a single engine, a crucial skill for engine-related emergencies.
Understand the procedures for safely aborting takeoff when necessary, ensuring passenger and aircraft safety.
Develop the ability to navigate without relying on automation, honing your skills as a skilled aviator.
Prepare for hydraulic system failures and learn how to manage them effectively, ensuring the continued safe operation of the aircraft.
Practice visual circuits and landings, perfecting your skills for various landing scenarios and conditions.



We provide sim sessions as per airline requirements. Along with individual sim sessions, we have a package of 3 sim sessions & 6 sim sessions.

ALPS prides itself on its commitment to excellence in pilot training, offering a comprehensive curriculum and a team of experienced instructors who are dedicated to shaping the future of aviation. Whether you’re embarking on a career in aviation or seeking to enhance your skills as a pilot, ALPS is the institution of choice for those aspiring to soar to new heights in their aviation journey.

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