At Airline Prep School, we understand that a successful aviation career requires a combination of skills and aptitudes that go beyond traditional assessments. The Compass Test is a comprehensive evaluation designed to measure candidates’ aptitude and capabilities crucial for excelling in the dynamic aviation field.
The Compass Test is a collection of psycho-motor and psycho-technical assessments utilized for the purpose of appraising candidate aptitude.

What is the Compass Test?

The Compass Test is a specialized assessment that encompasses a set of psycho-motor and psycho-technical tests. These tests meticulously evaluate candidates on various aptitude parameters vital for a promising aviation career.
Sub-Tests Within Compass

The Compass Test comprises the following sub-tests, each targeting specific aptitude areas critical for success in the aviation industry

1. Mathematical & Verbal Reasoning

Assessing candidates on their logical reasoning and verbal comprehension abilities is crucial for solving problems and making sound decisions.

2. Physics

Evaluating candidates' understanding and knowledge of physics concepts, is essential for comprehending aviation principles and applications.

3. Multitasking (Attention)

Testing candidates' ability to multitask and maintain focus and attention, a fundamental skill needed in managing multiple aspects during flight operations.

4. Short-Term Memory

Evaluating candidates' short-term memory retention and recall capabilities is important for processing and remembering critical information in time-sensitive aviation scenarios.

5. Psychomotorics

Assessing candidates' psychomotor skills, including eye-hand coordination and fine motor abilities necessary for precise and controlled movements in a cockpit environment.

6. Orientation:

Evaluating candidates' spatial orientation skills, critical for understanding and maneuvering within a 3-dimensional space, is a key aspect of piloting aircraft.

Our Compass Setup: Unlock Your Potential

At Airline Prep School, we have designed a specialized Compass Test setup that enables students to undergo a series of these tests. Our setup is tailored to comprehensively assess students’ memory, attention, eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation, and verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities.
Through the Compass Test at Airline Prep School, we aim to guide aspiring aviation professionals in identifying their strengths and areas for improvement, empowering them to enhance their skills and embark on a successful aviation journey.
Contact us today to learn more about the Compass Test and how it can help you chart your course toward a promising aviation career.

Type Rating: Elevate Your Aviation Career

Type Rating is a crucial step in advancing your aviation career, essential for pilots aspiring to operate specific types of aircraft. It’s a specialized training program designed to provide in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience required to safely and proficiently fly a particular category or model of aircraft. Obtaining a Type Rating enhances a pilot’s skills, ensuring they meet the stringent regulatory and safety standards set by aviation authorities.

Boeing 737 Type Rating:

The Boeing 737 is one of the most widely used aircraft in the world, a staple in many airlines’ fleets. Obtaining a Boeing 737 Type Rating opens up opportunities to pilot various models within the 737 family, equipping you to fly this workhorse of the skies.

Airbus A320 Type Rating:

The Airbus A320 is another highly popular aircraft among airlines globally. Acquiring an Airbus A320 Type Rating provides the necessary expertise to operate A320 family aircraft, a vital asset for pilots pursuing careers with carriers utilizing these cutting-edge planes.

ATR 72 Type Rating:

The ATR 72 is a widely utilized twin-engine turboprop short-haul regional airliner. Acquiring an ATR 72 Type Rating prepares pilots to fly this aircraft, making them eligible for opportunities with airlines employing this reliable regional plane.

Unlock Your Potential with Airline Prep School, the best pilot training institute in Mumbai and Pune.

At Airline Prep School, we understand the significance of Type Rating in the progression of your aviation career and provide the best Pilot Training Course. Our comprehensive Type Rating programs are meticulously crafted to ensure you receive the best training and guidance, tailored to each specific aircraft type. Join us to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to master the aircraft of your dreams and elevate your aviation journey.

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