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Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Course Duration: 3 Months
To obtain a Commercial Pilot License (CPL), the course lasts for three months but we provide unlimited access to the classes. The specific subjects you need to clear depend on whether you intend to pursue a career in India or abroad.

About CPL Training

To obtain a CPL in India, a person must complete a rigorous training program that includes a minimum number of 200 flight hours, pass a series of written and practical exams, and meet various other requirements related to experience, medical fitness, and training. The training program consists of obtaining a Student Pilot License (SPL), followed by a Private Pilot License (PPL), and then the CPL. Once a pilot obtains a CPL in India, they can pursue a career as a professional pilot and work for airlines, cargo operators, charter companies, or other commercial aviation organizations. They may also choose to work as a flight instructor or pursue other aviation-related careers.

For Aspiring Indian Pilots:

If your ambition is to fly within India, you must successfully pass written exams and a Written Viva Examination in the following subjects:
Our experienced faculty, including Airline Captains, will be by your side to guide you through this process, ensuring your successful career launch.

For Aspiring International Pilots:

If your dream is to fly abroad, your CPL requirements are slightly different. You only need to clear the following subjects:
At Airline Prep School (ALPS), our dedicated team will provide you with step-by-step guidance to help you spread your wings and achieve your dream of becoming a commercial pilot, whether you plan to soar the skies in India or abroad.

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    A Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a license that allows a person to fly an aircraft for commercial purposes in India. The CPL is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory body for civil aviation in India that allows a person to fly an aircraft for commercial purposes, such as airline operations, air cargo, aerial photography, and flight instruction.
    For the eligibility part, you need to have Physics and Maths so the Science stream is preferred and if you are not from the science stream then you can appear for Maths or Physics from the regular university or from National Institute of Open University (NIOS). Once you have cleared these exams, then you will be eligible to pursue CPL.
    A class 2 medical is the preliminary medical license required by all aspiring pilots to get their PPL(Private Pilot’s License) issued. The class 2 medical license is mandated before anyone applies for a class 1 medical license. Only if someone clears the tests mentioned under the class 2 medical examination, he/she can apply for a class 1 medical examination. It is mandated by DGCA Medical that the laboratory tests are carried out only at NABH or NABL accredited laboratories. The laboratory tests consist of a blood test, urine(RE/ME) test, ECG, Pure tone Audiometry, USG for the lower abdomen and a complete chest X-Ray
    When it comes to getting your pilot license and commercial airline certifications, it can take years or as little as 14 months depending on the type of certifications you seek and the flight school program you select.
    If you are under 65 years old then no you are too old to become a commercial pilot, but the older you start your training, the more limited your employment options may be and the less money you can expect in return over the course of your career.

    The salary of a Commercial Pilot License holder in India can vary depending on several factors, such as the employer, experience, and type of aircraft flown. However, on average, a CPL holder in India can expect to earn a starting salary of around INR 2-3 lakhs per Month. The salary can increase significantly as the pilot gains experience and moves up the ranks. Experienced pilots working for major airlines in India can earn up to INR 10-15 lakhs per month or even more.

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